Our Vetting System Ensures Quality Participation


Our participants are vetted across studies and over time!



Our innovative vetting system allows us to track individuals in our participant pool over time so we can ensure your research participants’ responses are consistent across studies. By recording their past responses, we can also provide you with participants that meet your demographic needs.


Honest Participants

By tracking our participants’ responses, we can ensure that their responses are consistent over time and across studies. If a participant claims to be a non-smoker in one survey, but says she smokes 10 cigarettes a day in another, our automated system will flag her and we’ll remove her from our pool. We only work with participants who take your research seriously.


Diverse Participants

We also use our vetting system to provide you with the types of research participants you need for your online research study. You no longer need to worry about biasing your participants’ responses by priming them to think about demographics (e.g., gender, sexuality) that serve as key independent variables in your online research study.

SocialSci has all the tools you need to complete your research online, from an easy to use survey editor, to a diverse pool of vetted and verified participants,
we have everything covered so you can focus on your research.

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