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Since I started using Socialsci, I have throughout been thrilled by the quality of the data. The majority of participants answer the questions fully, and read through information and manipulations thoroughly. In terms of the SocialSci team, they are excellent at what they do, cost-effective, and perhaps most importantly, really understand social sciences research. This is invaluable, and something that I have never found in any other online data collection agency. As an experimental social psychologist, I often run studies with complex designs (most recently a 2x3x3!) and very specific samples. While this would usually be arduous, the socialsci team makes it feel like collecting the number of specific participants that I need is a breeze. Socialsci provides an amazing service that revolutionizes the way that we, as social scientists, can collect data.

Fiona Barlow
University of Queensland

Bird UMASSBostonNews: Undergrad Chris Monteiro says @socialsci is making experiments easier for student researchers. Story in @bostonherald: bit.ly/M0MJBr

SocialSci was a tremendous help to gathering participants and testing my research. They are one of the most cost-effective research companies out there and care most about their clients.

Noah Wick
Gonzaga University
(Orginizational Leadership)

Bird orgRem: Just complete my first experiment using @socialsci. Amazing service - every social scientist should subscribe!

I was thrilled to learn about SocialSci because it specifically targets some of the major problems researchers face when collecting online data, such as fake or nonsense responses and multiple responses from the same participants. I collected data through socialsci last Fall and had a very positive experience. The questionnaire entry platform is user-friendly and the presentation that participants see is clean and professional. In addition, Leon Noel and other socialsci staff were very responsive to my questions. When my study became active, data collection went extremely quickly, a feature that is useful for researchers who are under any kind of time-pressure - for example, if a manuscript reviewer asks for an additional study. Socialsci also allows researchers to assess whether findings can be replicated in a more diverse sample than the typical sample of undergraduate psychology students. The data I've collected with socialsci is of a higher quality than data I've collected through other online platforms (e.g., craigslist), and the results support my hypotheses. I hope to continue using socialsci in the future and have recommended it to colleagues.

Juliana Breines
UC Berkeley

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“Noel hopes that tailoring the site to academic researchers will help set it apart. It’s a simple, bright idea.”
“Based in Boston, SocialSci is a website that helps students, professors and entire universities conduct their studies by finding participants and analyzing the data.”
“They started working on SocialSci.com in May 2009, as a ‘way to make the scientific process easier.’ And it looks like the bet is starting to pay off!”
“Today, universities and researchers find study participants offline and they’re overpaying to do so. SocialSci helps source them more efficiently online.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “try for free” mean?
SocialSci currently offers free basic accounts to academic researchers. This enables you to create unlimited surveys and collected unlimited responses.
Who can utilize SocialSci’s Platform?
Currently, we only allow academic researchers conducting IRB-approved research to use our pool. Others are welcome to use our survey platform, but will not be granted access to technical support or to our pool.
Can I use your survey tools and not the pool?
Absolutely—though we’re confident that you won’t find a better pool than ours—online or off. Contact us and we’ll prove it!
How do you ensure anonymous yet honest participants?
We take a three-tiered approach to our participant pool. We first authenticate users to make sure they are human and not creating multiple accounts. We then send them through our vetting process, which ensures that our participants are honest by tracking every demographic question they answer across studies. If a participant claims to be 18-years-old one week and 55-years-old the next, our platform will notify you and deliver another quality participant free-of-charge. Finally, we compensate participants via a secure online transaction where personally identifiable information is never revealed.
Will my IRB board ‘OK’ this survey platform?
We’ve worked with IRBs at institutions around the world. SocialSci was created with the IRB process in mind. We are more than happy to assist you with your IRB application. Speak with an IRB specialist here.