Communicate Directly With Your Participants!


Our in-house messaging system allows you to send and receive messages from your research participants.



By using our secure messaging system, researchers and members of our participant pool can communicate directly with one another. We’re continually impressed by the feedback our participants leave our researchers about their online research studies and we’re sure you will be, too.


Participant Comments

Our research participants often share insightful comments with researchers after completing their studies. By communicating directly with your participants, you may come upon new ways of thinking about your research questions. You can also respond to participants’ comments.


Communicate with SocialSci

Our messaging system also allows you communicate with our support team here at SocialSci. Have a problem you can’t figure out? Message us through our in-house system.

SocialSci has all the tools you need to complete your research online, from an easy to use survey editor, to a diverse pool of vetted and verified participants,
we have everything covered so you can focus on your research.

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