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Scientific researchers need your help to complete academic experiments!



On SocialSci, you will find research studies being conducted from around the world. By registering and taking part in these studies, you earn not only knowledge, but cash, points, and prizes.

SocialSci aims to connect academic researchers with people around the world. These people in turn contribute to science by participating in online scientific surveys and by visiting researchers in their labs. It is our hope that you will help further science by joining us here on SocialSci.com.



Earn points for every survey you complete – the longer the survey, the more points you earn. Currently, the points earned by taking three to six surveys (under 30 minutes) can be redeemed for a $5 dollar Amazon gift card, among other choices. Earn even more by participating in live survey listings, where you visit a researcher in-lab. These studies pay from $25 to over $3000, typically paid via cash or check!

While completing surveys and helping to further science, you can redeem your earned points via our secure system, and receive a gift card code!


Safe & Secure

Our systems were designed from the ground up to be secure and protect your privacy. Working with leading university administrators, we created a system that meets the most stringent requirements, even for the most sensitive research topics. We collect as little personally identifiable information as possible, and store it in a way that makes it impossible to associate with your username. Rest assured that your responses remain private, and that neither researchers nor SocialSci staff can identify the person behind a given response.

As we don't associate your account to your email address, we encourage you to sign up for our general email list in order to learn about the latest news and new surveys being conducted in the system. Also, don’t forget to log in often to check for new surveys and to redeem your earned points for rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SocialSci free for participants?
SocialSci is 100% free for participants. We collect as little personally identifiable information as possible, and what little we do collect is not sold or given to any third parties.
How often are new studies for points posted?
New studies are posted based on researcher demand. Currently, we aim to post new studies weekly.
How can I learn about new studies?
As we do not associate your email to your username, it’s not possible for us to notify you personally when new studies are available. For this reason, we give you the option of signing up for our third-party hosted SocialSci newsletter. If you chose to subscribe when you registered, or by visiting your account page, you will be notified via email when new studies are available. Also, we announce new studies via twitter, Facebook, and our newsletter.
Is SocialSci open to those not in the United States?
Yes, currently anyone can join the SocialSci participant pool. We currently allow you to redeem points for US Amazon gift cards, but plan on releasing international redemption options shortly.