SocialSci Features

An intuitive survey design platform that integrates all the question types, logic, and design features needed to smoothly create complex surveys and experiments.
We’ve designed SocialSci so you can use all the complex logic you need to make your surveys and experiments run properly without sacrificing ease-of-use or quick learnability.
We enable you to export your data at any stage of data collection via numerous formats. SocialSci also allows for data tags, so your export is readable and organized.
SocialSci has developed the first anonymous, honest, and payable pool of participants that are vetted over time. Our process was designed to decrease the cost and headache of finding the right participants.
All demographic questions answered by participants are stored with their anonymous usernames, so we can ensure participants are genuine. This vetting information also allows us to provide you with the exact type of participant you need.
Our platform enables you to view raw data as participants respond to your study. We also maintain frequency charts and graphs for each item in your questionnaire, which you can access at any time in your data collection process.
SocialSci enables researchers and participants to interact directly through our secure messaging system. Researchers often receive feedback from participants, which may provide you with additional insight into your research questions.
Whether you want to auto-advance participants to the next page in your study or see how long participants spend on each question, SocialSci offers excellent tools to keep track of time.
SocialSci has been approved by Institutional Review Boards at colleges and universities around the world. We are more than happy to share what we have learned. SocialSci reps are available to help craft your next IRB application.
Working with a lab-mate or colleague at a different university? See in real-time who is editing and what is being altered, and transfer control of your experiment seamlessly.
Need to run Java or Flash from within your survey or experiment? Just provide us with the source. We will compile the code and insert it directly into your study.
Our unique participant pool provides the ultimate resource for longitudinal data collection. Easily set permissions, previous study requirements, and interact with participants over time.
SocialSci provides a large opt-in deceit pool that allows you to conduct your experiments as needed while lessening your IRB submission burden.
Participants can easily create drawings within your survey! They can easily choose different shapes, colors, lines, and a free-draw marker to draw within your experiment.
SocialSci fully supports both open and closed card sorting tasks, where participants interactively choose categories for different cards via an easy drag-and-drop interface.
(Currently in Beta) We are extending the SocialSci platform to cover a wide range of reaction time tasks. If you would like to learn more or be involved in our beta testing program, please do not hesitate to let us know.
(Currently in Beta) Based on researcher demand, we will enable academics to recruit SocialSci participants for live in-lab experiments. If you would like to learn more or be involved in our beta testing program, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Drag & Drop Survey Creator

Easily drag and drop multiple question types

Access powerful tools via a clean, easy to use interface

Power to fully customize and live support to get your study just right

Scientific Participant Pool

Choose between 4 different pool types (need a deceit pool?)

Choose from over 1000 demographic characteristics

Complete most studies in hours not months


Anonymous yet Honest Participants

Participants enjoy completing surveys within a novel platform

Personally identifiable information is never stored and participants are only identified via username

Cred score compares past with current answers to guarantee participants remain honest over time

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “try for free” mean?
SocialSci currently offers free basic accounts to academic researchers. This enables you to create unlimited surveys and collected unlimited responses.
Who can utilize SocialSci’s Platform?
Currently, we only allow academic researchers conducting IRB-approved research to use our pool. Others are welcome to use our survey platform, but will not be granted access to technical support or to our pool.
Can I use your survey tools and not the pool?
Absolutely—though we’re confident that you won’t find a better pool than ours—online or off. Contact us and we’ll prove it!
How do you ensure anonymous yet honest participants?
We take a three-tiered approach to our participant pool. We first authenticate users to make sure they are human and not creating multiple accounts. We then send them through our vetting process, which ensures that our participants are honest by tracking every demographic question they answer across studies. If a participant claims to be 18-years-old one week and 55-years-old the next, our platform will notify you and deliver another quality participant free-of-charge. Finally, we compensate participants via a secure online transaction where personally identifiable information is never revealed.
Will my IRB board ‘OK’ this survey platform?
We’ve worked with IRBs at institutions around the world. SocialSci was created with the IRB process in mind. We are more than happy to assist you with your IRB application. Speak with an IRB specialist here.