Use Our Opt-In Deceit Pool


Our deceit participant pool allows you to mislead research participants for your online research study.



Use our large opt-in deceit pool, which allows you to conduct deceit-based experiments while decreasing your IRB submission burden.


Participants Opt-In

When participants initially sign up for SocialSci, they are asked whether they want to join our deceit pool. If they agree, they can always opt-out later.


Receive IRB Approval

Our opt-in deceit pool makes it easier for you to receive IRB approval. We also provide a dedicated space for you to provide your research participants with a full debrief of your research goals.

SocialSci has all the tools you need to complete your research online, from an easy to use survey editor, to a diverse pool of vetted and verified participants,
we have everything covered so you can focus on your research.

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  • Harvard
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