Survey Data Export Made Easy!


Download your data into the file type you need!


Export Any Time

Want to download your data as it’s collected from your research participants? No problem. Or, need to export a clean copy of your data, months after your study has closed? We’ve got your covered. With SocialSci, you can access the data from your online research study any time you want.


Many File Types

Our researchers use many different tools to analyze their data. That’s why we provide them with the ability to download the file type that best meets their needs. Export your data as a CSV, TXT, or HTML file. SPSS-compatible exports will be available soon!


Data Tags

We offer many ways for researchers to keep their data organized so you’ll spend less time cleaning your data and more time analyzing your results. Use our survey tools to label your questions any way you want.

SocialSci has all the tools you need to complete your research online, from an easy to use survey editor, to a diverse pool of vetted and verified participants,
we have everything covered so you can focus on your research.

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  • Harvard
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